“Culture and Passion: Ingredients for a trip to excellence in taste”

February 1999: amid the splendid greenery of Umbria, in the heart of Italy, Viander was born “il Mangiarbene”. In a corner of the world that’s renowned for the beauty and spirituality of its natural environment, Viander continues to grow, drawing inspiration for its “mission” from the pages of a special ancient recipe book dating back to the 14th century: “Le Viandier”, written by Guillaume Tirel (known as Taillevent), head chef at the
court of Charles VI of France.

Since its inception, Viander has always remained faithful to the same principles of quality and innovation that originally rendered this manuscript a milestone in high quality cuisine. Today, the company has become a leading national and international organization that has neither forgotten its roots nor its founding principle of guaranteed reliability

Producing with pleasure

The Cremona facility was founded in 1999 within the boundaries of the provinces of Cremona, Parma and Mantua, in a region already known for the production of Italian food specialties. Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, oil and vinegar, salt and pepper, creams based on artichokes, mushrooms, cheese, chicory, asparagus and other specialties are part of the cookbook of thousands of restaurants, catering companies and even multinational food companies.

“We have the recipe to a better tomorrow”


Viander, thanks to its production enterprises, is at the forefront of the sourcing of new recipes made out of regional specialties and in the development of new products. Carefully selected italian raw materials, processed fresh and in most cases within 48 hours of harvesting, contribute to build the excellence of Viander, consisting in 50 different lines of products and about 1,000 items on catalogue.


High-quality Italian gastronomy is combined with the ideas and incentives of other realities, for the design and creation of recipes and custom pack.


Thanks to the strategic location of our warehouses and to our private fleet of trucks, every order is delivered within 2/3 days.


With a sales network of more than 200 representatives only in Italy and an export department covering over 50 countries around the world, Viander is getting every day closer and closer to its customers.